Despite the fact that it has been a while since I was a student, I can still vividly recall the “back to school” feeling!

One thing that always made me happy was getting a new rucksack and filling it with the brightest stuff.

So when one young girl’s new school supplies were taken away from her, her mother’s protective instincts surfaced.


The “Am I The Asshole” section on Reddit received this mom’s predicament when she became frustrated.

Reddit users submit their experiences here so that the internet can judge whether or not they are right or incorrect.

Furthermore, given that parenting is a factor in this scenario, you can bet that chaos ensued!


The mother started off by stating that her daughter is six years old and that this is her first time sending a child to school.

Due to COVID-19, they did not participate in the previous year.

The teacher gave her a list of things to purchase along with a note instructing her not to identify the items.


The mother decided not to comply with the request, which may or may not be an unusual one.

Regardless, she chose to name her daughter’s belongings since she didn’t want her to misplace the goods they had purchased.


“I also sent my kid to school with a reasonable amount of school supplies,” she wrote.

The mother received an email from the instructor on the first day of school informing her not to label school items since the students share them.


They also instructed her to send all of the goods so that the teacher could distribute them as needed.

The Redditor’s kid was disappointed since they had spent a lot of time purchasing notebooks and folders that matched in color so she could feel like her college-going mother.


The daughter’s six notebooks and folders had been seized by the teacher, who instead gave her two replacements.

“I emailed the teacher back and said I don’t mind buying extra supplies if a child doesn’t have any, but I want the stuff I bought for my daughter to be returned to her.”


The teacher was inspired by this to add that since her daughter has issues with sharing, it’s crucial for her to learn how to do it.

“Daughter says ‘her notebook’ (she had a favorite) went to a boy who didn’t want it anyway because it was bright pink.”


A second email from the Redditor to the instructor requested permission for her to pick up the school supplies for her kid.

Since someone else was already utilizing them, the teacher refused to allow them.

“I just want to repurchase the notebook she liked and be done with this.”


She was once more requested by the teacher to send the remaining school supplies.

“I’m petty, I don’t like being told how to parent, and I’ve never had a kid in school before (outside preK),” the mom wrote.


She said she thought there could have been better communication about the entire matter.

But she’s unsure if she’s doing this correctly because she’s seen some teachers on TikTok using the same system.


Reddit was quick to declare her to be the one who was right in this circumstance.

“NTA every kid should have own things and if feel to, should share,” this Redditor wrote. “But pushing someone to share just makes them hate the others kids, because they ‘stole’ their things.”


According to another Redditor, the teacher is essentially stealing.

“You weren’t informed of this and your daughter obviously didn’t consent to her things being taken from her,” they wrote.

Additionally, they advised the mother to speak with the administration so that her child may be assigned to a different classroom.


While most commenters agreed, some said the mother ought to have followed directions.

“If it’s in the note not to do something, it’s there for a reason,” they wrote.

They stated that given that sharing materials is against the school policy, the teacher is probably frustrated.


Which is unquestionably a valid point.

Most of the time, people have high expectations for teachers and give them a little leeway.

“Going forward, now you know how it works and you can better prepare your daughter.”


Where do you stand now that we’ve heard from Redditors?

Was the mother wrong to refuse to let the entire class use her school supplies?


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