Society has many “rules” that people have set in the past and have spilled over into stereotypes and norms. Some of these are related to gender.

From an early age, children are taught “right and wrong” from the perspective of boys and girls. And that can often be a problem.


Gender is a social structure in which society is attributed to young children.

Children, whether boys or girls are given gender at birth.

However, these generations change and can change throughout their lives. People who are biologically born men may find that they are actually females. Or gender-neutral.


There are many other creatures in the world who have genders just like humans.

Many toys and products in the world have a specific gender for boys or girls.

For example, dolls and makeup are always assigned to girls, and trucks and cars are assigned to boys. Parents can sometimes comment and judge when children play with “the wrong kind of toys”.


There are a lot of parents that concerned about their children playing with the wrong toys.

Some parents consider toys to be toys, while others consider them to be “gender-based.”

And they’re afraid that when children play with the “wrong toys”, the results be negative and their feelings about themselves and the world will change.


One mom shows on TikTok that it’s okay and doesn’t really matter.

TikTok user Jess Katz shares a lot of her son’s videos and likes to brag about her life as a mother.

She recently shared a video of her son playing with toys and hairbrushes. In her video, she mentioned it was “fair enough” and that the toys are sexless.


Katz showed that she didn’t care about her son playing with dolls.

She wants her child to be happy and healthy. That’s honestly what every parent really wants at the end of the day, right?


Many people in the comments section agreed with the lady.

Some people said that he is just a baby who plays with another baby, who wants to be like his mom.

They said they wish people would stop making children feel bad about the toys they play with.


Another person stated that the dolls are just like babies.

One person said that children should not be criticized for playing with dolls because eventually, boys grow up to be dads.

They need to take care of their own babies in the future, so maybe their dolls are good practice.


Other people said that parents need to calm down.

One person agreed that they do not understand why parents do not allow their children to play with dolls. They even added that this can end up leading their children to failure as adults.

How to be useless parents and not spend time or effort with your children.


One of the commenters called Jess’s son a “gay.”

One person said that Jess’s son is clearly “gay” because he was playing with dolls and hairbrushes. But, Jess basically responded to the commenter saying that either way, she doesn’t care. She simply loves her child.


Many people stated that it’s a good thing that the boy plays with dolls.

Some people said it shows that Jess’s son has empathy and good parenting instincts and that’s not so bad. It can mean that he will grow up to be a kind and caring person.


Other people loved how Jess responded.

Many said Jess was a champion and she proved that she won’t let online enemies get to her.

Instead, she makes people realize that at the end of the day, all that matters is loving your children.