After admitting that she let her friend breastfeed her child after having a few too many drinks, a mother has created controversy online.

Grace, who goes by the TikTok handle @gregariously grace, posted a video of her friend breastfeeding her child on the social media site, drawing criticism from many viewers.

The Florida native’s buddy is seen breastfeeding the child in the video, which has amassed 1.6 million views so far. The child’s true mother is seen in the background.

In the text overlay, she writes: “When you’re a few drinks in so you let your friend nurse your baby.”

Some people questioned the TikToker for letting someone who wasn’t connected to her child breastfeed it in response to the video, which received a mixed reception.

One person wrote: “Nope, that’s a special bond I had with my child I wouldn’t ever do this. But respect your decision.”

Another simply said: “Nooo.”

A third asked: “Why do people think that’s ok?”

Others supported the mother, with one of them writing: “It’s wild to me how many people think HUMAN milk from another person is wrong but are happy to feed their ‘milk’ from another species entirely.”

Another added: “This is lovely. You can still nurse after a drink or two (or three) but if a friend can help out – why not. I would be honoured to do this.”

Grace posted a follow-up video after receiving criticism in which her buddy is once more seen nursing her child.

Grace documents her friend nursing her child in the video while she observes from a distance.

She says in the video: “My friend has a seven month old. Her baby is out of the state for the weekend. I let her nurse him to strengthen his immune system and also to relieve her,’ she said in her follow up video.”

Grace adds: “It’s absolutely okay to drink and nurse. If you’re feeling sober enough to drive, you can nurse.”

The mother of one continues by saying that she let her friend breastfeed her child because she “trusts” the friend because she does the same for her own child.