The 1982 movie “Blade Runner” introduced us to a bleak vision of what the year 2019 might look like. Corporations rule the world, the planet is polluted beyond repair, and people are poor.

We still live in a world that is not far away from that idea. It seems that the dystopic future has arrived sooner than expected.


1. This is heartbreaking.


2. Reality is indeed brutal these days.


3. Who’s going to compensate the landlords?


4. That’s pretty weird.


5. Sad that they won’t.


6. At least someone who actually does their job.


7. The truth.


8. Rooting for mother, all the way!


9. The dark side of the healthcare system.


10. This is exactly the current situation!


11. The irony is unreal.


12. This is sadly true.


13. Very true indeed.


14. Rather should advertise the salary to make things straight!


15. The rich design everything, don’t they?


16. Every job matters!


17. Racism is real and is everywhere.


18. Good question indeed.


19. Very harsh reality.


20. Sounds about to the point.


21. More like a slap in the face.


22. How come they’re not embarrassed to advertise this?


23. It’s painful to even see this.


24. The students don’t deserve this.


25. Ah, so-called “billionaires”.


26. At such a rate, it might be the coolest one in the next 25 years.


27. Very sad.


28. The truth has been spoken.


29. Very “non-system”.


30. The times we live in.