Modern Family Season 12 Release Date, Renewal Status, Story Updates and Other Details

Modern Family Season 12 release date is on the mind of every fan as the show has ended with the last and final season. ABC aired the final episode of Modern Family Season 11 on April 8 and the show is officially over. While there have been certain ups and downs in the storyline, fans still want that season 12 of Modern Family happens sometimes in the future.

The show has won a lot of awards and it won’t be that hard for ABC to renew another new season of Modern Family TV series. Here is everything you need to know about Modern Family Season 12 release date, renewal status, story updates, cast and other details.

Modern Family Season 12 Renewed or Canceled?

Modern Family Season 12 Renewed or Canceled

Modern Family Season 12 has not been renewed officially as it was announced that it will end on the eleventh season. So as of now, there is no 12th season of Modern Family and the fans asking for more episodes might have some bad luck. Modern Family story kind of ended with all the family members going on their separate ways and it will be hard to get them back if the TV show is somehow renewed.

Haley and Dylan moved to a new apartment, the siblings have also left the house. Luke moved to Oregon, Alex shifted to Switzerland for her new professional career. Everyone is living a new life and hence there are very fewer chances that Modern Family Season 12 is renewed at this point.

Modern Family Season 12 Return Possible

Modern Family Season 12 Return Possible

Modern Family Season 12 is not happening at the moment as the last season had a 0.98 average rating in the 18-49 demographic and 4.11 million average viewers. The ratings and the viewers of Modern Family are constantly dropping and the cast salaries are including with each new season.

It is the main reason why ABC decided to end the series and Modern Family Season 12 renewal didn’t that happened. The only thing that could be done at this point is to have a new Modern Family spinoff and show the lives of one of the characters having a new family in a different setting.

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