MLB Trade Rumors Yankees Robbie Ray Pitcher Trevor Bauer Deal

New York Yankees needs better starting pitchers and it was evident in their last few matches. Yankees vs. Diamondbacks was kind of an upset and the New York team lost badly with a 4-2 score. The Yankees are working hard to get new starters in the MLB trade deals and the deadline is just a few hours away.

The Giants have no plans for Madison Bumgarner and Marcus Stroman has already been traded to the Mets. Robbie Ray from the Diamondbacks seems a like starter that can become a lot better with the Yankees. It won’t be so hard to convince Arizona for a trade deal as the Yankees have a lot to offer. Trevor Bauer from the Indians is also on their list, but it would be hard to make the trade deal.

Robbie Ray fits Perfectly in Yankees

Robbie Ray is Perfect Fit

Robbie Ray is the most potential candidate likely to be actually signed among all the pitchers that have been linked with the Yankees. Arizona Diamondbacks are almost out of the wild card spot and it would be better if they sell out Ray before the current deadline.

Ray has an amazing ERA of 3.91 and 1.30 WHIP, which is as good as his last season. Along with that, he is kind of a strike-out machine with 173 K’s in 129 games. The Diamondbacks could ask for Clint Frazier in return and the Yankees might agree for the deal. The Yankees could use Ray as their 2nd pitcher and with time, can even move him to the top.

Will the Indians trade Trevor Bauer?

Cleveland Indians and Trevor Bauer

The Yankees are currently ruling the American League and have a real shot at the World Series title. In such a situation, they need a star-pitcher who can open for them and send the hitters back to their base. Trevor Bauer is another such name who can make the Yankees great again with his incredible pitching talent.

Bauer is even better than Ray and has 3.79 ERA and a 1.21 WHIP in the 156.2 innings pitched. The only problem is that the Indians won’t easily trade out Bauer and might ask for a high price. But given the stunt that Bauer pulled in his last match, a trade deal with Yankees might happen soon.