MLB trade New York Yankees trade Luis Castillo Cincinati Reds

The New York Yankees want every top player in their team before the trade deal starts. As soon as the next month ends, MLB trade deadline will be in effect and all the teams have to disclose their deals. As per the latest sports reports, the Yankees are very much interested in Luis Castillo from the team of Cincinnati Reds.

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While there are very fewer chances for a deal to happen, the Yankees will do anything to get it done. The deadline for trade deals is July 31, and Yankees are planning to make a move on Castillo. Here are the reasons how the Yankees can make a deal and how it affects them.

The Reds are not doing Good

Cincinnati Reds MLB trade rumorus New York Yankees

Luis Castillo, the 26-year old player from the Reds is one of the best pitchers in MLB. But his team is almost not doing anything great, which is why the Yankees want him, as his talent should not be wasted. The Reds currently ranks at the last position tied with another team.

What is worse that the Cincinnati team has not made it to the playoffs since the year 2013.  Their best record is only 36-40, which is not good at all. The Cincinnati Reds have to make some major changes in their team if they want to get on the top in the Northern League.

Yankees wants to be at the Top

Yankees on Top MLB Trade rumours

On the other hand, the New York Yankees are constantly winning matches and are having a league of their own. The Yankees are at such a position, that none of the other teams is even close to them. As of right now, the New York team is 5 games ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays and 9 games in front of the Boston Red Sox.

To continue this streak and become the best team in the American League, the Yankees wants Luis Castillo in their team. Castillo has a 3.55 ERA in 350.1 career innings and he will almost be selected for 2019 All-Star Game. Even the Reds knows this, and hence they will ask for a higher price so that they can get some new players and have a fresh start.