MLB Trade Rumors Minnesota Twins Deals

Minnesota Twins are on the top of AL central division after a very long time and have a shot at the World Series. MLB trade deadline is just a few hours away and the Twins needs some high profile stars in their bullpen. At the same time, the team of Cleveland Indians is catching up and is just two games away from the lead. If the Twins wants their lead of 20 matches to stay till the end, they quickly need to make some hot deals. Here are the possible trade deals of Twins with Ken Giles, Kirby Yates, Mychal Givens, and Noah Syndergaard.

Ken Giles

MLB Trade Rumors Minnesota Twins Deals Ken Giles

Marcus Stroman and Ken Giles are on the trade market and Toronto Blue Jays are ready for deals as they have no wild card dreams. Since Stroman has been already traded to the Mets, it increases the demands for Giles a lot. In the last season, Giles managed to strike out 58 of the 137 batters he pitched against. The Blue Jays could ask for their top prospects Royce Lewis or Alex Kiriloff, for which the Twins have to agree for a deal.

Kirby Yates

MLB Trade Rumors Minnesota Twins Deals Kirby Yates

Kirby Yates has improved a lot after the first three years of his career with San Diego Padres and is now one of the best relievers in MLB. He has just given 29 earned runs in the last 106 innings he pitched, while also managing 160 strike-outs to just 26 walks. The Twins needs Yates as he also leads the number of saves (31) in this season, but should not send too many prospects to the Padres for an exchange deal.

Mychal Givens

MLB Trade Rumors Minnesota Twins Deals Mychal Givens

The Twins could have en effective Mychal Givens at a very low price from the team of Baltimore Orioles. Givens have an ERA of 4.28 in the last 34 games played with the Orioles. The strike-out ratio can be improved a bit as he just had 55 strikes in 40 innings he pitched for the Orioles. Minnesota can acquire Givens at a low cost for now as he has the potential to improve his game.

Noah Syndergaard

MLB Trade Rumors Minnesota Twins Deals Noah Syndergaard

Noah Syndergaard is probably the name that the Twins should actually pursue even though it cost them a lot of prospects. The Mets are all ears for offers on Syndergaard aka Thor as they have too many pitchers in their team. If the Twins can somehow manage to get Thor in their bullpen, it can change their entire stats and they can even become the contender for the next MLB title.