MLB Trade Rumors Los Angeles Dodgers Felipe Vazquez and Noah Syndergaard

Los Angeles Dodgers are at the top of their game and breaking new records each day with their incredible performance. The Dodgers currently have a lead of 68-37 and still, they are planning to make major changes in their roster.

Andrew Friedman, the team president of Dodgers has proved several times his talent of picking up players such as Yu Darvish and Manny Machado and turn them into MLB superstars.

For the next season, the Dodgers are planning to acquire a combination of some big names and some younger prospects. As a start, the Dodgers acquired first baseman Tyler White from the Houston Astros. Felipe Vazquez and Noah Syndergaard are the other two players that the Dodgers want in their team before the trade deadlines.

Felipe Vazquez – Pirates

MLB Trade Rumors Los Angeles Dodgers Felipe Vazquez

Felipe Vazquez, the closer for Pittsburgh Pirates is the main target for Dodgers and they want him badly in their bullpen. The Pirates are asking for two prospects out of the top four prospects in Dodgers, and it has currently stalled the deal.

Friedman is holding out as he believes there are ways for the deal to be finalized as he had done it previously to acquire Darvish and Machado. Gavin Lux at just the age of 21 is considered as the top prospect of Dodgers and the Pirates have their eyes on him. The Dodgers might trade out Dennis Santana and Caleb Ferguson to the Pirates in exchange to get Vazquez.

Noah Syndergaard – Mets

MLB Trade Rumors Los Angeles Dodgers Noah Syndergaard

Noah Syndergaard aka Thor from the New York Mets is also on the trade radar of Los Angeles Dodgers. The Mets have a rotation problem and they might trade Thor out for that and a lot of buyers have already lined up for a deal. Syndergaard had an amazing ERA of 4.33 in the last 126.2 innings for the previous season.

The only problem for Dodgers is that they have to give out their top prospects to the Mets as there is a lot of competition for Thor. Minnesota Twins and other teams also want Noah and are ready to pay a high amount for it. The Mets are currently holding Syndergaard for $6 million per year and he will eligible for free agency in MLB 2020.