MLB free agency deals will be over as the month of July ends and a lot of players might change teams. As the month of August starts, most of the top free agents will have different jerseys. The top All-Star MLB players will likely be a part of the deals in the free agency.

While some of them will be traded as a bargaining chip by their teams, others might look for a better deal. Zack Greinke, Jose Abreu, Sandy Alcantara and Felipe Vazquez and other such stars have the highest chances of a new trade deal. Here are the free agency predictions for the MLB All-Stars and their possible new teams.

Zack Greinke – Arizona Diamondbacks

Zack Greinke MLB Trade Deals Free Agency

Zack Greinke is a talented All-Star player with a 2.73 ERA and a 7.2 strikeout-to-walk ratio in MLB games. Also, Arizona Diamondbacks have an amazing record of 46-45 and are second only to the team of Philadelphia Phillies. But Greinke is now 35 years old and there is no point in keeping his six-year contract at $206.5 million. The Phillies and New York Yankees teams are ready for a possible deal with Zack Greinke.

Jose Abreu – Chicago White Sox

Josh Abreu MLB Trade Deals Free Agency

Josh Abreu is doing good but the team of Chicago White Sox doesn’t have any success in the last season. The White Sox are most likely to rebuild their roster and there might be no place for Abreu in the new team squad. There are a few teams interested in Abreu like the same town rival Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Although, it is not sure that the White Sox will trade him, as they don’t have a proper replacement.

Sandy Alcantara – Miami Marlins

Sandy Alcantara MLB Trade Deals Free Agency

The Miami Marlins played decent in the last season and yet ended at the last place in the table. Hence, they are thinking of team rotation and get some fresh young players. Sandy Alcantara, who is only still 23 years old might be traded because of his long term contract. The Marlins are looking for short deals so that they can rotate the players in the next season and Alcantara might be moved out. The Cleveland Indians looks interested in Sandy and he might also like to play with them.

Felipe Vazquez – Pittsburgh Pirates

Felipe Vazquez MLB Trade Deals Free Agency

Felipe Vazquez is one of the most in-demand free agents and every MLB team would like to sign a deal with him. He has an average of 2.11 ERA and 14.1 strikeouts over all the 35 games he has played. The fact is Vazquez knows his worth while he is signed till 2023 and there is no point in waiting so long. The Pittsburgh Pirates may try their best to re-sign him, but at the end, he is free to make a choice.

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