MLB Trade Rumors Free Agency deals Justin Smoak Caleb Smith Ken Giles Trey Mancini

MLB free agency deadline is now less than 20 days away and a lot of trade deals are excepted to be finalized by then. There are many high profile players and All-Stars who will make some blockbuster deals. At the same, most of the MLB teams will try to retain their top performers.

Free agency does not mean just to change team, there are many players who negotiate a better deal from their own team. Here is the prediction Justin Smoak, Caleb Smith, Ken Giles and Trey Mancini in the free agency. The stars might change their teams in a new deal or re-sign before the MLB free agency 2019 ends.

Justin Smoak to be traded to Boston Red Sox

Justin Smoak MLB Trade Rumors Free Agency deals

Justin Smoak playing for the Toronto Blue Jays is undergoing recovery for his quad injury and might be traded out soon. There are a lot of young players who have not gotten a chance to play in the Toronto team. While Smoak has gotten old and might not play the same after his injury. The Boston Red Sox has previously made deals with the Blue Jays and hence they could add Smoak without much trouble.

Caleb Smith to stay with the Marlins

Caleb Smith MLB Trade Rumors Free Agency deals

Even though the Miami Marlin team is not having a good season, Caleb Smith has performed way better than his teammates. Smith has an average of 3.41 ERA and 1.02 WHIP with 82 strikeouts in 66 innings and he is just 27 years old. As of right now, Smith is sitting out because of a hip injury, but the Marlins have no intention to move him out.

Ken Giles to go in Atlanta Braves

Ken Giles MLB Trade Rumors Free Agency deals

The Toronto Blue Jays are rebuilding their team and Ken Giles could one of the players to be traded out. Even though Giles like it in Toronto and have no plans to leave the team, but the deal is not in his hands. The Atlanta Braves have a lot of lucrative offers and can ask the Blue Jays for a trade deal with Giles. Also, the Braves have a solid roster of players and Ken Giles would fit perfectly in their team.

Trey Mancini to re-sign with the Orioles

Trey Mancini MLB Trade Rumors Free Agency deals

The Baltimore Orioles are in no position to lose their talented players and dealing Trey Mancini will be a bad decision. Mancini has an average of .303/.362/.557 for a 142 OPS+ with 17 home runs and amazing fly ball performance. He is currently one of the best players in the Orioles team and they might offer him a higher contract to re-sign with the team.