Edwin Diaz Trade MLB Rumors

Edwin Diaz is going to be traded with Boston Red Sox, and a deal might be on its way. The Mets are making sure that they get the highest return in exchange and it could involve a lot of future prospects and young fielders. Many reports are saying that Diaz and Red Sox deal is almost confirmed and it is evenly spread on Twitter as a rumor.

New York Mets have collected plenty of pitchers and are planning to bid them at a very high price. Given how important Diaz is to Red Sox, they are demanding too much in the exchange. If Boston is ready to make the trade deal, then the Diaz exchange could be the most expensive in MLB history.

Top Prospects and Players in Exchange

Edwin Diaz Trade MLB Rumors Top Prospects in Exchange

The Mets themselves acquired Edwin Diaz in the last season at a high price bu giving their top prospects Jarred Kelenic and Justin Dunn. It would be unreasonable if the Mets think they can get the same value back by asking for top prospects from the team of Boston Red Sox.


Andrew Benintendi, the talented outfielder from the Red Sox, is the main target that Mets are eyeing for. Other names include Tanner Houck, Danny Diaz, and Kyle Hart as part of the Diaz deal. While some rumors state that Mets are ready to give up Edwin Diaz in exchange for Jackie Bradley Jr, Bobby Dalbec, Tristan Casas, and Sam Travis.

Diaz is Not Doing that Great

Diaz is not Doing Great

Boston Red Sox could have easily agreed to all those offers if Diaz was playing in the same form he once had. In the past few games, he has been kind of an average pitcher, which makes the trade deal too expensive for the Red Sox.

Edwin Diaz in his MLB career with the Mets, has so far only a 1-6 record with a 4.95 ERA in 44 games played. It would be too much to give for a single player, and the Red Sox could ask for a combo deal which includes Noah Syndergaard too. Having both Diaz and Thor in exchange for the 4 top prospects kind of makes sense for the Boston team.