MLB trade deal Edwin Diaz Boston Red Sox New York Mets

There are a lot of high profile names that have been linked with the Red Sox in the MLB free agency. But the team will only sign a player it feels can be useful in their bullpen. One such name is Edwin Diaz from the New York Mets, and here is why a trade deal is almost confirmed.

Boston Red Sox are on their way to make a solid team for the next MLB season and are looking to get some big names before the deadline. They are the defending champions of the world series and in order to live up to the reputation, the performance has to be continued. What the Boston team needs right now are one or two pitchers to start their game on a high note.

Edwin Diaz in Red Sox

MLB trade deal Diaz in Red Sox

Edwin Diaz is a talented closer in the Mets who have been playing some amazing games in the last season. Boston Red Sox are very much interested in Diaz as he can make their pitching department very strong. Diaz had a good stats with 5.29 ERA and .304 batting average.

The team of Red Sox was always lacking an all-rounder and Diaz has proved his skill with both the ball and bat in baseball. Boston team is pretty much confident to land in Edwin and under no circumstances will let the golden chance go away. The fate of Diaz will be revealed before 4 pm ET, Wednesday when the MLB trade deadline is finally over.

Mets needs Money

MLB trade deal Edwin Diaz Mets need Money

The Mets would have never given up a talented player like Edwin Diaz so easily, but due to recent events, they have no option left. Marcus Stroman from Toronto Blue Jays was acquired by the Mets recently in a high-value trade deal.

The Mets are kind of low on money and need some quick cash to carry on some further deals in the MLB free agency. There is another reason why the Diaz deal is almost confirmed, as he had a very poor performance in his last game against the Pirates. It has depleted his trade stock value and the Mets will accept any decent offer from the Boston Red Sox.