MLB Edwin Diaz Trade Deal Red Sox

Edwin Diaz has been linked to Boston Red Sox in the MLB trade deals, and it is getting more twists and turns as the deadline is just one day away. The Mets can’t decide which pitchers to sell out as they have too many of them in their roster. Marcus Stroman was recently acquired, Noah Syndergaard and Zack Wheeler are already there, and now Diaz is also complicating things.

Meanwhile, the rumors about Diaz signing with the Red Sox started spreading like fire and manager Alex Cora himself had to clarify it. There has to be some reason behind those trade rumors as Edwin Diaz trade deal with Red Sox is most likely to happen.

Alex Cora on Edwin Diaz Deal

MLB Edwin Diaz Trade Deal Red Sox

Alex Cora, the manager of Boston Red Sox, was having a regular day at his home on Monday night when he started getting a lot of phone calls. His fiancee, Angelica told him that there is a rumor on social media claiming that Boston has acquired Edwin Diaz in a trade deal with Mets.

Cora had to explain everyone involved that nothing like that has happened and they are yet looking to convince Mets for a deal. Red Sox wants Diaz and will make an offer to Mets soon, but as of now, no deal has been done. People make up rumors to force their fantasy league, and due to that, the whole thing happened.

Mets wants Andrew Benintendi in Exchange

Andrew Benintendi MLB Edwin Diaz Trade Deal Red Sox

New York Mets also wants to trade out Edwin Diaz and will ask for a very high price. As per the reports, the Mets wants outfielder Andrew Benintendi from the Boston Red Sox. The 25-year-old right fielder from Red Sox has a huge potential in the upcoming years.

The Mets are looking for players that can help them in MLB 2020 season, and Benintendi is a perfect fit for them. Whether the Red Sox are willing to take a risk or not is another thing to see as Diaz has not been doing that good recently.