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New York Yankees and their need of getting new pitchers in the MLB free agency is getting very intense by each day. The Yankees are interested in some of the biggest names, but the team that owns them won’t make a deal easily. Madison Bumgarner, Zack Wheeler, Will Smith, Marcus Stroman, etc are some of the names which the Yankees are having a hard time for a deal.

In such a situation, there is one star-pitcher, who is much more experienced than all the above names. Zack Greinke could be a potential target in the Yankees wish list for the next season. Here are the trading stats for Greinke and the possibilities of a deal with the Yankees team.

Zack Greinke Contract

Zack Greinke Contract trade deal

Zack Greinke is currently 35 years old and has a huge ongoing contract with the team of Arizona Diamondbacks. He was signed up by the D-backs in the MLB 2015-16 season for a massive six-year deal at $206.5 million. Hence if the Yankees trade-in Greinke, they are bound to pay the $31.5 million of his current year (2019) salary.

Along with that, the next two years of 2020 and 2021 will also have a $32 million salary to be paid. Greinke is a veteran and will be 38 by the third year and it does not make sense to pay more than $30 million to a player at that age. The Yankees have to find a solution for this, where they can trade him off next year to some other team.

Diamondbacks might not make a Trade

No deal by D-backs trade deal

The trouble for Yankees doesn’t stop here as the Diamondbacks may not sell Zack Greinke after all. The team of Arizona has a 50-50 win to loss ratio and are 16 games behind the LA Dodgers in the NL line. Luke Weaver, Robbie Ray, and Merrill Kelly are the main pitchers for the D-backs who has a solid arm.

But apart from that, the team have no depth and it will be difficult to manage the bowling attack without Greinke. The Diamondbacks believe their team could make in the wild card and hence they won’t trade out their best asset so easily.