New York Yankees are currently at their best record and comparison with the old team have started. The Yankees have their second-best record for 111 games and the last time it happened, the year was 1988. While the boys in black managed to win the championship title during the past, it is not guaranteed that the same magic can be repeated again.

The fact is that Yankees didn’t buy a single pitcher in the July trade deadline and it is going to create problems. MLV world series 2019 is in October and there is no way that the Yankees can win the title. Here are the reasons why New York Yankees is unlikely to win the October MLB world series finals.

Yankees have Pitchers Problems

MLB New York Yankees MLB World Series 2019 Pitchers Problem

The 1988 Yankees team had no problem such as major player suffering from injuries or lack of pitchers. Luis Severino has almost missed the entire MLB season due to his injury. Even when he was pitching in the second last season, his numbers very kind of average. The Yankees has missed out their dominant reliever Dellin Betances for the whole year.

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Giancarlo Stanton has also barely made to the plate in any of the baseball games. Other pitchers such as Gary Sanchez and Aaron Hicks are also now a part of the injured list players. When they had the opportunity to fill up their bullpen with some new pitchers in the trade deadline, Yankees manager Cashman refused to make any deals.

MLB World Series 2019 is Tough

MLB New York Yankees MLB World Series 2019

Despite all the hurdles the Yankees are facing in the current season, they have somehow managed to stay on the top. The Bombers are missing most of their players and yet are they are leading every other team in the AL East by a margin of eight games. On paper, the Yankees look solid, but how long it will continue.

There is no way that the Yankees could have the same winning streak in the MLB World Series 2019. Most of the other teams have revamped their bullpen and will give a tough competition to the Yankees in the October tournament. It doesn’t matter that by how many wins the Yankees leads the league, MLB world series finals won’t be easy.

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