It’s been said that home is where the heart is.

This is something that can be said about the vast majority of species. Even dogs, if you judge them by the actions that these dogs took. In most cases, we worry that our pets will become separated from us. After all, there are consistently a great number of reports of dogs and cats going missing. And due to the fact that there is always a significant possibility that you will never find them. If they are not accustomed to going outside or are unsure of how to find their way back home, it is imperative that you keep them inside your home where they will be safe.

However, even if you take all of the necessary precautions, there is still a chance that your dog or cat will become separated from you. That is the moment that has the potential to bring even the most resilient of us to our knees. It is the equivalent of losing a child because our pets are like members of our family. However, these individuals were reunited with their furry offspring once more. In some instances, it took only a few days, while in others, it took many years before they were brought back together.

You can see below that there are many stories that are very similar to the scenario that was described earlier.


This working dog for sheep was discovered at the site of the fire that destroyed their home.


It was only a few hours before he found his way back home.


Even better, he was allowed to take a spin in the automobile.


After two weeks apart, look at how happy he is to finally see her.


This good boy located the dog that had been lost by the neighbors.


The fact that she had finally seen him after two years brought a smile to her face.


Children and their dogs can develop close relationships.


This dog was able to get back home thanks to the help of a FedEx driver.


A random person found this dog when it was wandering lost in the woods and brought it to safety.


These are the tears of joy that he is crying as he finally gets to see his child after a wait of seven months.


This right here is real love.


Someone stole their truck while the dog was still inside. Both were brought back without incident.


This pupper was located despite the fact that it became lost as a result of a tornado.


When you finally locate your dog after a search lasting two days.


After a period of separation of four years, they reconnected.


It’s possible that he was lost in the woods for twenty months, but he’s finally found his way back home.


After an absence of seven months, he will finally get to see his hooman.


After a year, Zoe is found to be fine and unharmed.


Six years may seem like a long time to some people, but not to this baby.


He escaped the terrifying situation by running away, but he eventually returned home to wait for his family.


Getting away for the day requires a lot of effort.


After being gone for more than a day, he is now content to be held by his human.


Even though it has been three years, dogs do not forget their past.


After thirteen days, a coat that had been left for her by her owner led to her discovery.


This is how happiness appears in one’s life.


Because of this, it is important for people to implant a microchip in their pets. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that it will prevent your pet from wandering off and getting lost. However, if your pet wanders off and ends up at a shelter, the employees there will look for a microchip. The majority of these people were able to locate their dogs thanks to the chip. There is no reason to be concerned about the possibility that your pet will no longer recognize you after such a long period of time has passed. When it comes to their sense of smell, dogs have excellent memories, and if they had a positive impression of you in the past, they will remember you when they smell you again.


After she got separated from him while she was lost in the woods, these two are now reunited.


After being gone for eight years, anyone’s long-lost dog would make them anxious to see them again.


These are the tears of happiness.


After being separated from her for three days, the dog is clingy and wants to continue holding her.


There was a long absence of six years, the family is overjoyed to have their floof back in their care.


After ten years, it’s clear to see how much this dog has matured.


After spending two days at the office, this dog eventually located his owner.


The canine companion is overjoyed to see its master again.


After two days, she was able to find her way back home.


The planning for this reunion spanned a period of seven years.


Do things of this nature not make your heart feel all warm and fuzzy inside? I can say for sure that it strengthens my faith in the human race. Has your pet ever been lost? If that is the case, how did you come across them? Leave a comment below and let us know about your experience.