The right to vote, to get a divorce, to drive, and to get an education were some of the rights that women had to fight for. Even though most modern countries guarantee equal rights for both men and women, the female population sees a different reality in how they are viewed in society.

The perfect example of this is a TikTok user who went viral for all the wrong reasons. He tried to explain that strong and independent women are still single because of feminism. The Tik-Toker got a lot of views not because people agreed with him, but because they were confused that these kinds of men still exist.


A man on TikTok claims that he found out why beautiful women are single and that they were corrupted by feminism.

A TikTok user who uses the nickname heartbreaknino617 made a video to explain why beautiful women who present themselves as “bad b*****s” are single today. The man thinks the answer is simple. He says feminism is the root of the problem.

The video on TikTok was watched 2.5M times and when Twitter user @princessjahadd imparted this video there to the inscription “… this terrifying asf”, it was seen by 6.7M individuals. However, individuals totally couldn’t help contradicting the TikToker.

A lot of the videos on his page are about giving advice to women, teaching them to be obedient and do what men tell them to do in exchange for providing for them. It almost seems too absurd to be true and maybe it is a joke, but it is not funny.

The TikToker explains in a video that feminism has put a thought in the heads of women that they are the best and heavenly gifts from God to bless the Earth. Which is completely wrong. The most popular misconception about feminism is that women are better than men.


Women who call themselves queens will never be one to him as they are not his mother, says Heartbreaknino617.

If you look at the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it will say that feminism is the “belief in and advocacy of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes expressed especially through organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.”

The key word here is equality, so if some women think they are better than others, it’s not true.

The TikToker says that women are not queens because they are not his mother and will not love him. Nobody will ever love you as your mother does. Romantic relationships between parents and children are different. This argument is pointless because it devalues a woman’s self-esteem.


He claims that women should be submissive and submissive because men are the providers.

It is her job to do as he says because he plays for the woman when they go out and buy her things. It sounds kind of aggressive when he says it in the video, and it seems like guilt-tripping because you gave them material things.


The TikToker concludes that women are the problem.

The guy says that he is not submissive, but dominant and that he expects submissiveness from women. He believes that he has to be like that because he says it himself, “Then you go be with that nice guy and you end up cheating on him or leaving him, ‘cause he’s weak. He don’t make you feel nothing.”


You can watch the video here.

People had a lot to say when the video went viral. The TikTok user was hurt by someone and now has a skewed interpretation of relationships. The curtains that were not hung on a rod should be in the bathroom since they were not hung on a rod.


After hearing TikToker’s speech, users on the social network reacted.

Other people were trying to show that they don’t hold up. People didn’t find making fun of strong single women entertaining when they saw the account.

The part about getting submissiveness in return for buying shoes was hated by some. They had the feeling that it could be a sign of abuse, as well as the tone that he said it.

People were frustrated by what they had seen. People couldn’t believe that this is a real person speaking how he really feels, so they made funny comments on TikTok.


The comments on the video are quite entertaining.


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