Over $30 million has been raised for the people of Ukraine.

The celebrity couple announced in a video that their campaign had hit its target.

“We just want to say that we hit our goal,” Kunis told supporters in the clip. “Over 65,000 of you donated and we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the support.”

The Family Guy star said that a lot of Ukrainian people’s lives would be easier because of their fundraiser.

“While this is far from solving the problem, our collective effort will provide a softer landing for so many people as they forge ahead into their future of uncertainty,” she said.



The couple plan to direct all the money they have raised towards organizations that will provide an immediate impact on refugee and humanitarian aid efforts. These include Flexport.

“Our work is not done. We’re going to do everything we can to ensure that the outpouring of love that came from you all as a part of this campaign finds the maximum impact on those in need,” Kutcher continued in the video.

“As funding continues to come in we’re going to treat every dollar as if it’s being donated out of our pocket, with respect and honor for the work that went into earning it, with the intent of love through which it was given, and the desire for it to be maximized for a positive outcome for others,” he added.

The couple has close ties to Ukraine, where Kunis was born. She moved to America with her family in 1991.

$3 million of their own money has also been pledged to the ‘ Stand With Ukraine’ campaign, as well as receiving donations.