Window 10 update crash

Microsoft Windows update woes seem to be never-ending. the recent trouble is been caused by some games which cause the operating system to crash fatally.

The crash commonly known as Blue Screen of Death indicated that the system has crashed due to a fatal error. BSOD could happen from any reason ranging from faulty hardware, incorrect drivers to non-supported software.

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Windows Update: What is the issue with GSOD?

GSOD or Green Screen of Death also represents the fatal error in windows system which leads to a crash.

However, the Green screen is used to help in identifying that the system is running on a preview build of Windows.

Recent reports suggested that many users were facing GSOD while opening some specifics game. Microsoft later clarified in their blog post that the issue is being caused by the anti-cheat drivers of some games.

The anti-cheat drivers are running in kernel mode and modify the kernel continuously and it is possible that whatever modification they are doing is not good for system stability. This loss of stability is causing system crashes.

Recent Developments

In recent Microsoft Windows update launched on its release preview ring, which was supposed to bring the anti-cheat bug fix has created some more troubles. The users who tried to update the Windows are getting the message  “This PC can’t be upgraded” on installing the latest 1903 update.

Window 10 update crash

Even though Microsoft has clarified earlier that game developers have fixed the issue but it might not be the case because when user uninstalled the games, they were able to update the PC.

Even if you are able to download the latest Windows 10 update it is quite possible that windows might crash. Lots of users who have upgraded to this version are still facing crashes. It should be noted that this update was intended to fix this issue.

Microsoft has released a statement saying that they are working with game developers to fix the crash issue and avoid similar bugs on Windows 10 update 20H1.