Microsoft Surface Book 3 specs release date price

As time passes by rumors surrounding the Microsoft Surface Book 3 is slowly picking up the pace. Amidst all the speculations about the feature set of Surface Book 3, few have got a lot of support from the users.

As per the report of Digital Trends, fans and users of Surface lineup want Microsoft to ditch USB-C 3.1 seen on Surface Book 2 in favor of Thunderbolt 3 that is seen on Apple’s MacBooks.

It is highly likely that Microsoft will shift to Thunderbolt 3 port while junking USB-C 3.1 like most of its competitor.

Surface Book 3 Enclousre
A GPU Enclousre

The rumored inclusion of Thunderbolt 3 port could be used for connecting external GPU.

Microsoft Surface Book 3: Specifications

At Hiptoro, we have covered Surface Book 3 features in details lately. Reports suggest Microsoft will make significant changes to the next Surface Book. Microsoft will likely provide emphasis on the gaming capabilities of the Surface Book 3.

Microsoft Surface Book 3 Thunderbolt port

According to a leak, the Surface Book 3 will sport Intel’s next-gen- Ice Lake processors and AMD’s new GPU for gaming. About design changes, The Verge reported about the possible inclusion of dual display.

Microsoft could be aiming to create a perfect hybrid Surface Book which could handle intense gaming and long hours of creative hours.

Fans would appreciate a bigger better that can suffice the power needs of this powerful hardware.

Microsoft Surface Book 3: Price

If the rumors about the hardware changes are true, then we expect a bump in price.

Surface Book 3 Specifications

While looking at the prices of older Surface Books, the 13.5-inch variant is likely to be priced at $1,200. The bigger 15-inch is expected to cost you $2,500.

Microsoft Surface Book 3: Release Date

Microsoft has been consistent with the releases of Surface Books in the past.

Surface Book 3 GPU

If everything goes according to the plans of Microsoft, then you can expect the release of Surface Book 3 in September 2019.