Microsoft Surface Book 3 specs price release date

It looks like that the craze of the dual display is making its way to the laptop market. If rumors are to be believed, the Microsoft Surface Book 3 too, has jumped on this bandwagon.

Surface Book 3 to come with a dual display

A leak reported by the Verge claims that the third iteration of the Surface lineup will use a dual-screen. This patent leak was discovered and published by Mayank Parmar at Windows Latest.

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Recently, Asus revealed their dual screen notebook called ZenBook Pro which has two screens the secondary display is in between the main display and keyboard.

According to the patent, unlike its competitor, Microsoft is planning to use a large flexible display that can bend into two screens. The license further explains that the notebook will use an OLED panel that will have two surfaces.

Microsoft Surface Book 3

Interestingly Tom Warren of The Verge claims that Microsoft has already made a prototype which they are showcasing to their teams internally.

However, Lenovo has already beat Microsoft if they are planning to release a notebook with two display that folds. In a recent video popular youtube channel, Unbox Therapy showcased a laptop from Lenovo.

This notebook can bend into halves and uses the second half as a touch keyboard.

The most important thing that Microsoft should improve in the Surface Book 3 is weight. The previous devices were significantly bulky, making the handling a tough task for the users.

Specs of Surface Book 3

Rumors hint the next iteration of Surface Book will use the 10nm Ice Lake Processors of Intel which were announced at CES 2019.

Surface Book 3 Price

Reportedly Microsoft is also working an Innovative Magnetic connector that will use USB C standard.

Surface Book 3: Price and Release Date

Microsoft has been pretty consistent with the release schedule of the Surface lineup. If Microsoft goes by the plan, then the next launch will happen in September 2019.

Surface Book 3 Release Date

Looking at the hardware improvements and the inclusion of dual display will significantly increase the cost. We expect the base model to cost at least $1500.