The Surface Book is the best device Microsoft has ever designed. Especially The Surface Book 2. The inexplicable stunning svelte design is a representation of the wonders Microsoft leading industrial design team can bring to the market.

However, this article is mainly focused on what are the small bugs which are still there in The Surface Book 2. And how it should be rectified in the upcoming third series of the model.

1. More Power is Necessary

Even with a quad-core CPU with GTX 1060 and a 4K 3:2 display, there’s an issue of overheating with the device. Microsoft tried to inculcate a lot of powerful cooling techniques but they all go in vain when Book 2 is utilized to its full capacity.

The USB 3.1 Ports are a Major Reason for Overheating
Source- Mobile Syrup

Not only this, if you’re playing HDR games and doing 3-D editing jobs, the battery of Book 2 drains out even when the power is plugged in.

Even though it is having the capacity to handle two tasks of the 4K display at 60 Hz It is able to connect to only one at a time. A Surface Book lover might drop down the quality of games he plays, adjust the resolution of the screen and run the Book on power save mode, but that’s not why you bought it.

Microsoft is expected to bring in some modifications in Surface Book 3 to resolve these issues.

2. Thunderbolt 3 for Microsoft Surface Book 3

Thunderbolt 3 might be the solution for Microsoft power issue with the Surface Book. Book 2 uses the USB 3.1 ports, which is four times slower than the upgraded Thunderbolt 3. Thunderbolt 3 also comes with four extra lanes of PCIe Gen 3. This provides the user with the ability to utilize GPU docks externally.

3. Inking on the Keypad

There should be an option for inking on the keypad. It’s not ergonomically viable to write up on a 90 deg screen. The user has to detach, flip and reset or something just flop the Book 2 on its back if he wants to write something on the screen.

If even low-fidelity inking capability is introduced for the trackpad. The user will be able to quickly put a signature or make a sticky note to himself rather than cruising with the mouse cursor all along.

Microsoft Is Expected To Bring some updates in the Detachment feature too
Source- Laptop Mag

4. The USP of Microsoft Products

Microsoft customer service support is the company’s USP. If you buy a Microsoft product, you are actually purchasing peace of mind. Any software or hardware update in Microsoft is tested thoroughly for compatibility before hitting the open market. It is because of its service that even after the power drain issue in Book 2, the audience is excited for Surface Book 3.

It is expected that Microsoft will bring in major design changes in Book 3 as compared to the earlier versions. Also, we would be happy to see if it comes in Black.

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