Michael Schumacher and his health has been a matter of discussion for quite some time now. If you remember, he had suffered a major brain injury back in 2013. He was in the Alps, skiing with his son when he had a bad fall and was rescued by his team.  And now, his family has chosen to reserve the details of his health condition to themselves.

Michael Schumacher and his family’s position on the accident

It’s 2019 now and Michael Schumacher seems to have still not recovered from that accident. It seems like a long time to be injured but his family is not willing to share the details of his health.

Apparently, his fans are begging the family to share even a small update about him. They want to know if he can even stand, walk or if he is even awake?Many fans have confessed that they are heartbroken about this whole thing. Some of them have confessed that they have stopped watching F1 racing altogether.

Express has reported that Michael Schumacher’s wife, Corina has given an update about him. Apparently, she said that Michael is a fighter and he won’t give up. What does this mean? At this point, even we don’t know. Because, this answer is too vague. But, at least she has said something now. There is still no clarity. And there are suspicions that Michael Schumacher is actually in Switzerland. Over there, he is being cared for by his family because he is still bedridden.

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The fan base support

Even though Michael Schumacher has made no public appearance after his accident, his fans continue to support him. They have also started a website called Keep Fighting. The #KeepfightingMichael is highlighted on the website. And they have also posted a very famous quote by Michael Schumacher on the same platform.

Back in 2007, Michael Schumacher had said no one should ever give up and keep on fighting even if there is only a slight chance. The world loves the F1 legend and prays for his good health and see him racing soon.