Miami Dolphins Future Draft Picks

Miami Dolphins are currently the worst team in the NFL and yet they look most powerful for future seasons. The Dolphins gave up on their team long ago and started losing games and trading players for rebuilding their roster. Laremy Tunsil, Minkah Fitzpatrick and Kenyan Drake are the few names the Dolphins traded for getting future first-round picks.

The team is tanking so bad that it has given 102 points and scored just 10 points in the two games combined. The Dolphins will now wish that every team which gave them NFL 2020 and 2021 draft picks performs so bad that they get to pick up all the top names. Here are the possible future picks which the Dolphins could get soon.

Miami Dolphins 2020 Draft Picks

NFL 2020 Draft Picks for Miami Dolphins

1st round: Own Pick, Houston Texans and Pittsburgh Steelers pick

The Steelers are already doing bad with Ben Roethlisberger injured and the the Texans are would also do bad. It means the Dolphins would get the best names in NFL 2020 drafts first round.

2nd round: Own pick and New Orleans Saints

With Drew Brees injured, the Saints are supposed to fail unless they get a replacement quarterback.

3rd round: Own pick and Compensatory Pick

The right tackle Ja’Wuan James has signed with the Broncos and it means future pick Dolphins.

4th round: Tennessee Titans pick

Ryan Tannehill trade deal gave them one fourth-round pick which they lost in Minkah Fitzpatrick deal.

5th round: Pittsburgh Steelers pick

Minkah Fitzpatrick deal

6th round: Own pick and Dallas Cowboys pick

Robert Quinn trade deal

7th round: Own pick and Kanas City Chiefs pick

Jordan Lucas exchange deal.

Miami Dolphins 2021 Draft Picks

NFL 2021 Draft Picks for Miami Dolphins

1st round: Own pick and Houston Texans pick

Laremy Tunsil trade deal

2nd round: Own pick and Houston Texans pick

Texans could tank this year

3rd round: Own pick

4th round: Own pick

5th round: Own pick

6th round: Pittsburgh Steelers pick

Dolphins gave their own pick in Tunsil trade deal.

7th round: No pick

It was given to Steelers in the Fitzpatrick deal.