They say that being a parent is no tougher than any other job. According to the research center, parents find caring for their children to be more tiring than the work they do for pay. They find more meaning in the time they spend with their children than they do at work.

According to this research, American fathers devote less time than mothers to rearing their children. We put together some of the most wholesome examples so we could see how rewarding fatherhood really is and how much happiness it brings to dads and children.

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1. If this father isn’t one of us, he should be.


2. The cuddle Button is a small heart on my hand. My daughter hates being away from me since my wife died last year. When I drop her off at school, her teacher draws this on both of our hands. It makes her feel connected to me.


3. My daughter has been asking for a Mohawk for months. I cut it for her. My child is a badass.


To find out more about the joys and challenges of being a father, we reached out to Ricky, the Kingston upon Hull-based author of the money-saving website Skint Dad. Ricky had a lot to say about being a dad. Ricky believes that a man is changed by being a father. “There is a whole new sense of responsibility and pride. I haven’t been able to place my finger on it until recently but I have started to realize how fragile life is and how much I want to ensure my girls are protected,” he explained.


4. The struggle is real. Changing tables are needed in the men’s bathroom.


5. Let’s do this!


6. I turned my son’s wheelchair into a jack-o-lantern.


“I think the two main challenges are to be present and to be a good role model and I started out as a dad in a very bad place financially and I never want our children to be in the same position,” he said. Ricky added that he and his wife Naomi are very open and honest with them about money, “which I hope will give them a good education and grounding for when they need to make financial decisions of their own.”

“Having someone love you unconditionally is definitely up there for being the most rewarding part of fatherhood. There is nothing better than having my kids tell me they love me or look to me for advice. It makes me want to be a better man,” Ricky concluded.


7. My daughter always feels like a queen when she has her hair cut as a dad.


8. My 11-month old took his first steps today, and I handled it well.


9. Just won a year-long custody battle. The mother left the state with her child. She returns today. Hope she likes it.


10. Three years and still counting.


11. My wife died of cancer in August. We made costumes for our little ones. It felt great.


12. I told my daughter that I am going to try it out.


13. The first picture is of me and my dad. The second one is my son with us. Same house, same spot, same Goofy.


14. Words can’t explain how happy she makes me.


15. We had no kids for 6 months. My husband and I have 2. It has been stressful but exciting at the same time.


16. The first few weeks of a homemade wheelchair was a Proud Dad Moment.


17. There is a diaper brand in Sweden that features a dad.


18. My 3 year old made me car soup today. Would order again.


19. I am not sure about what I am doing but these past four months have been the best.


20. My daughter told me that she was writing every number when she was sad. I rearranged my very old notebook.


21. Our son has sensory sensitivities and doesn’t like physical contact with others. He surprised me while we were waiting for the bus.


22. I moved from one side of the world to the other six months ago and left my wife and kids behind when I did. I worked my ass off to prepare a new life for the person. They arrived!


23. Dads: You can buy your child a kitchen regardless of gender. I get more done when I ask my son to make me lunch.


24. While cleaning out old photos, they would all scream for food at the same time.


25. I found my reason today.


26. In the future, when someone asks what it was like to work from home. I’ll show you this picture.


27. There were photos of my daughter and me for 27 years. She is now a lady and I am still in the military.


28. I took my girls to get their nails done because I have been a single dad since November. It was my first time and I loved it.


29. All weekend, I was at home with my kids.


30. My daughter put her shoes in my work shoes so she could wear them.