Melania Body Double Theory

Rumours just cannot leave the Trump family alone. The latest ‘theory’ in the series is that the First Lady, Melania Trump uses a body double for trips with the President.

Apparently, the tales got so much momentum that the President had to step in to defend the First lady. He insisted that the photos that snowballed the theory were photoshopped.

How it started

The rumour picked up when the internet noticed that the person accompanying the POTUS on his Alabama trip did not really look like the First Lady Melania Trump on closer inspection. Several posts on social media suggested that Melania Trump was employing a body double.

However, no evidence has emerged so far to prove the theory.

President Donald Trump Responds to Melania Body Double Rumour

On March 13, Donald Trump tweeted,

“The Fake News photoshopped pictures of Melania, then propelled conspiracy theories that it’s actually not her by my side in Alabama and other places. They are only getting more deranged with time!”

The enraged President did not point out which photos he was talking about.

Melania Trump Body Double: Earlier rumours

This is the second time that netizens have speculated about Melania’s presence next to the President Trump. In 2017, rumours arose that a body double was being used to accompany the President in a press conference at the Secret Service facility.

Stephanie Grisham, Melania Trump’s representative, responded to the speculations and said,

“I’ve always found it sad that a group of women spend so much time attacking another woman, whose only goal is to help children.”

Referring to the First Lady’s anti-bullying campaign.