A senior national security adviser in White House lost her job after a fight with first lady’s office. This happened after she sparred with key members and staff of the East Wing of Trump’s administration.

The dispute was out in public on Tuesday after the office of the first lady called for ouster of Mira Ricardel, the national security adviser and reports that she would be fired by President Trump. Stephanie Grisham, communications director of the first lady, said,

It is the position of the Office of the First Lady that (Ricardel) no longer deserves the honor of serving in this White House.

As per the announcement made by the White House on Wednesday, Ricardel would take up a different administrative role after leaving the deputy national security adviser role. It was a stunning rebuke of the senior official made publicly by Melania Trump’s office. The action will be taken within seven months.

Accourding to sources, Ricardel started the feud with the first lady’s office during the trip to Africa. It all started over the use of resources of the National Security Council. Officials of the White House accused her of making excuses about the feud for covering her behavior.

Ricardel even fought with Jim Mattis, the defense secretary. Their rivalry within the Trump’s administration is well known. Tensions also surfaced between Ricardel and John Kelly and Zach Fuentes. The two believe that the national security adviser has been giving negative stories out to the press.

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Ricardel has been a part of Bolton’s efforts for restructuring the National Security Council after she was appointed as her security earlier in April. However, Bolton was in Singapore when Ricardel’s ouster surfaced.

The officials of West Wing were also caught off guard after this statement by the first lady’s office.

Source: CNN, Newsenter