Megan Fox fought back after people asked her where her three children were. Recently, the 36-year-old actress posted pictures of herself on a swing with the caption, “Pick me energy 🖤🌙.”

Even though most of the comments were good, one fan asked, “Where your kids at?”

Fox wrote back to the mom-shamer in a snarky way, “Wait wait wait. I…have kids?!? Oh my god I knew I forgot something!! Quick, someone call the valet at the Beverly Hills Hotel. That’s the last place I remember seeing them. Maybe someone turned them into lost and found.”

Another critic of Fox’s caption wrote, “U know that’s not a good thing, right.” The Jennifer’s Body star responded, “Dear. God.”

But Fox’s boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly had a funny response to her sexy selfie photo shoot. He wrote, “You’ve corrupted our swing.”

With her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green, Fox has three sons: 6-year-old Journey, 8-year-old Bodhi, and 10-year-old Noah. Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, is the father of 13-year-old Casie. During the summer, a source said that the couple is open to having kids together.

“Megan and Machine Gun Kelly are pretty much done wedding planning. They are both totally on the same page, which has made things easy for them, but Megan is definitely pulling everything together and has the final say on what goes and what doesn’t,” the source said in July. “They are so excited to spend the rest of their lives together, traveling the world, living in complete bliss and harmony, and potentially expanding their family one day.”

More recently, there have been rumors that Fox and Kelly are breaking up.

“As of now, Megan and Machine Gun Kelly are doing really well regardless of the breakup speculation,” a source told ET last month. “They both have been super busy work-wise, and personally speaking, having kids of their own, they are naturally swamped on that front as well.”

The source added, “All is good between the two of them and they are still making time for each other and their relationship. Their wedding plans are still on, but being as busy as they are, they are taking everything one day at a time.”