Ozzy, the Siamese/Tabby mix is a beautiful adopted cat who has been living with the Coutré family since he was adopted in 2013.

The family loves their cat who is fond of peaches and have gone far to create art for his love for the fruit. Ozzy has become famous because of the artwork, but the cat doesn’t seem to care about the fame and love he has reviewed from his fans.

Meet Ozzy the adorable cat loves peaches.

He loves peaches, but it’s not that he likes eating them so much. He likes to cuddle with them.

Lydia shared some information about Ozzy and his habits.

The family first noticed his love of peaches in 2014, the first time he was around for peach season.

Ozzy doesn’t try to eat the peaches, even if there are plenty around.

Ozzy’s owner leaves the peaches to ripen on sheets of newspaper — giving Ozzy the perfect opportunity to nest.

Lydia’s parents just accepted Ozzy’s behavior and indulged him.

Peaches are this cat’s ‘happy place’.

He nuzzles them, uses them as a pillow to rest, or just stands over them guarding them.

And it sure looks like the fuzzy fruits make Ozzy feel peachy keen!

People loved him so much, they even create art about him and his love of peaches.