The measles outbreak is spreading all over Europe rapidly. The concerned authorities must increase their efforts to combating the deadly outbreak. The World Health Organization (WHO) is urging these authorities to do so.

Till now, around 47 out of 53 European countries have reported over 100,000 measles cases since January last year. Out of these, over ninety patients have lost their lives due to measles. As per records, more than 34,000 people contracted the disease across Europe in the first two months this year.

Role of WHO in controlling Measles

The WHO is taking all measures to combat this measles outbreak situation. The authorities need to get vulnerable people vaccinated. The number of children and adults getting affected and losing their lives due to measles is rising due to non-immunized individuals. It has fueled the spread of measles across the European countries.

measles outbreak 2019
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Ukraine, Albania, and Romania have reported an increasing number of deaths. The officials fear the continuation of the spread of the outbreak. Acting Regional Emergency Director Dr. Dorit Nitzan from the WHO Regional Office at Europe said,

We have observed an unprecedented upsurge in people sick with this preventable disease, and too many have lost their lives to it.

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This is totally unacceptable and we need to scale up the response for the next level. Various levels and parts of WHO are increasing their efforts for controlling the outbreak. WHO is working to enhance the European Region for the protection of children from a measles outbreak. The resurgence of measles at an alarming rate is a warning that the immunization coverage in the Region is not sufficient.

measles outbreak 2019

Measles is highly contagious and causes fever, inflamed eyes causing blindness, rashes, brain damage, deafness and in some cases, death. Vaccine at the right time can prevent this disease and the subsequent deaths.

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