Some people consider robbery to be a black and white situation, but whatever they steal, it’s still wrong with robbery, but others tend to find a gray area between the two. You know, it depends on exactly what is being stolen and the situation.

More specifically, what if it was three empty trash bags from a large fast-food chain and didn’t really hide the fact that employees were taking them? This is what happened in the u/BilbosBagholder’s post shared on the subreddit r/AntiWork on how to get the job done.

Needless to say, I tried to split the Reddit sweets a bit to determine who was wrong and who was wrong, but others shared a similar story.


We don’t think much about garbage bags, but businesses do, especially if they are for personal purposes.

So, Reddit user BilbosBagholder shared a story of how a friend of his took 3 garbage bags from McDonald’s, where he worked. He basically wanted to use them to pack some of the clothes. He planned to dispose of it at home.

Well, the Assistant Manager offered the friend a drive home and he noticed that he had garbage bags. He asked if those bags were from work; the friend was sincere about it, he did not hide them at all and did not even attach much importance to wearing them in the first place.

An internet user shared a story about a friend being fired for dropping three trash bags at work.

In reality, nothing happened until the next day, when the employee learned that his employment contract had been terminated. It turns out that the Assistant Manager reported the theft to the Manager, who took action and fired the thief.

“The AM kept his head down and did not make eye contact with my friend. I didn’t say anything or apologize, “explained Bilbo.

In light of the story, the Redditor also pointed out how he saw many fast food establishments desperately looking for candidates. He said that the tables have turned. Before restaurants were happy with the fire, while now there is a shortage of people working in the field.

The post has managed to gain nearly 32,000 upvotes in almost 12 hours, engaging with people to a point where there are now about 4,000 comments and over 30 Reddit awards on the post.

While for the most part people supported the layoff, viewing garbage bags as a minor thing to take from work and sharing their own stories of how they were laid off from similar establishments, there were also some who argued otherwise.

They believed that stealing is stealing. It doesn’t really matter what is stolen. He was lucky that had to face no charges. It could have gotten really ugly very quickly.

Many people shared some of their getting fired stories.

You can read more comments on Reddit’s post, but before you go, let us know what you think about it. Was it wrong for the employee to steal? Was the manager wrong to draw such a conclusion without confronting the employee? Who was wrong? Anyone, or no one at all?