Max Payne 4 release date

The last title of Max Payne franchise was launched in May 2012 which is 7 years ago. This same series Max Payne series is hailed as one of the best third-person shooting game.

The compelling plotline and good gameplay mechanics is one of the reasons behind the success of the Max Payne.

This third person franchise is set around the life of the protagonist Max Payne who roam around the city to avenge the life of his wife and daughter while exposing crimes of the city.

The Fall of Max Payne the second title continues on the plot when the protagonist finds out that his friend Vladimir Lem betrayed him and caused him to nearly die. In this game, Max Payne will work for a millionaire who lost his family in a murder and he is the only witness left of that crime.

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Max Payne 4 release will not happen

Max Payne 2

So from the above excerpts, it is quite clear that Max Payne is a game that is heavily story driven so let’s have a look at the reasons why the game will not happen again:

Firstly Max Payne has completed his character arc when he avenged the death of his wife and child. There is no enemy for him to fight. There is no antagonist that fits the storyline.

Whevenr a game is published its financial success is important for the next title to come. Even though Max Payne 3 was a critical success it reported $110 million of loss.

The current games of Rockstar,  GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 need a lot of infrastructure and man hours to work. It is highly likely that the studio will not mess with them to launch another Max Payne title.

As we mentioned earlier the whole Max Payne series is a single player game which is heavily influenced by the story. This does not fit well with the current policies of Rockstar.