Mathematics can be difficult, but those who are not good at math should not be so confident in exposing numbers to the world. These mathematical errors have been noticed throughout the Internet and are even more embarrassing. From weird store sales to miscalculated Facebook posts, there are some funny math bugs from r/theydidntdothemath.


1. She even did the whole breakdown of the math.


2. Who approved this?


3. Where are the savings though?


4. What’s even going on here?


5. Guess a few zeroes need to be taken away.


6. Getting more for less? Need to sign up for this!


7. That’s so not “more like 17”.


8. Is that what 25% looks like?


9. Quite a complicated Math.


10. This pie chart is just way off.


11. The person who made this, must be fired right away!


12. Need both but want to pay separately?


13. A mistake that’s delicious.


14. When you eat two, you save 10 calories.


15. Would rather go with “BUY 3 GET 4 FREE” twice.


16. A big NO.


17. Per sub multiply. Not divide.


18. You would still be getting only 10% off.


19. Every single day has 20:20:20 going by though.


20. The guy was right the first time though.


21. Do 3-4-year-olds really ask 300-400 questions per day?


22. Just say middle rather than making it complicated for the readers.


23. We can’t trust ourselves anymore.