Mary Poppins Returns Movie Review: Disney Brings Back Mary Poppins, Magic and All


“Mary Poppins Returns” is all about the comeback of a magical nanny after twenty five years to set her wards’ lives in order. This movie will definitely leave you with a wide smile and it has sure shot chances of succeeding.

Rob Marshall has directed the movie and it is not particularly based on the Mary Poppins book series story which was created by P.L. Travers. The movie is cast in the 50’s classic Hollywood musicals.

In an interview, Marshall has mentioned that he was introduced to the world of music and magic by Mary Poppins and it is pretty evident from the way he handled the movie.

Disney Mary Poppins returns

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Those who are expecting to spend a delightful time watching movie will definitely get what they are expecting. The movie is a charming tribute by Marshall to the 1964 movie. The individual directorial flourishes by Marshall reflect upon his movie.

In the latest version, both the children of Banks, Jane (Emily Mortimer) and Michael (Ben Whishaw) are not little kids anymore. Michael will be seen as a widower in the movie with artistic skills trying his best and struggling to raise his kids John (Nathanael Saleh), Georgia (Joel Dawson) and Annabel (Pixie Davies).

To further worsen the matter, Michael also has to repay a loan within a fortnight which he has issued against Cherry Tree Lane home. The children have no means for childlike pursuits growing amidst the hard times.

The entire scenario is set and Mary Poppins has a lot to do when she returns. Emily Blunt will be featured as Mary Poppins in the movie, instead of Julie Andrews. The children look totally adorable.

Apart from them, Colin Firth and Meryl Streep are also featured in the movie. The role of Mr Dawes will be played by Dick Van Dyke who originally played the role.

Source: News 18, Movie Web

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