Avengers Game

One of the most awaited Avengers game was finally revealed to the world at the E3 2019 Expo. Square Enix released a full trailer, official name and a release date for the new game. Earlier it was called as The Avengers Project, but now it is titled Marvel’s Avengers A-Day game.

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As fans had to wait so much for the first look at the game, most of them are unhappy with the final product. Majority of the Avengers fans and gamers are angry after watching the trailer of new Avengers game. Let us find out what was revealed about the game, why are fans angry and the best Twitter memes created over it.

Trailer and Game details

Avengers A-Day Game gameplay

Square Enix launched the game trailer at their press conference at the E3 2019 Expo. The Game trailer shows that Avengers are celebrating their annual day when a group attacks the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Everyone goes to save the civilians while Captain America stays back on the bridge. It is later found out that it was a ruse to distract the Avengers, while the main aim was to steal the Tesseract core in their ship.

After that, it is shown that the world is taken over by the bad guys and most of the Avengers are dead. It is later revealed that they survived by hiding and now has to take their control back. Marvel’s Avengers A-day game will release on May 15, 2020, next year.

Twitter Memes on the new Game


Most of the fans are angry over not including Hawkeye once again, last time it was with Avengers: Infinity War. They have unleashed their anger in the form of funny memes over Twitter. Although it is not yet sure whether Hawkeye will be a part of the new game or not, he was totally absent in the new Avengers game trailer. While other fans are angry over the lack of decent gameplay and poor storyline.