Avengers Game release date, gameplay

With the success of Avengers movies, there were huge demands for a game based on MCU. Square Enix finally announced that they were working on an Avengers game and released a short trailer. Fans were excited about it and had been waiting for the game since then. Avengers: Endgame is out, and there is MCU void among the fans, the Avengers game is supposed to fill it. Here are all the details about the upcoming Avengers game.

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Game Trailer


The first trailer for the Avengers game was released back in 2017, and it was titled, ‘The Avengers Project.’ It was just a small 50 seconds teaser with a voice over showcasing the weapons of Avengers team. It showed Bruce Banner’s broken glasses, Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, the Infinity gauntlet of Thanos and the armor for Iron Man. The heroes were shown to be broken up and coming together last time to fight.

Title of the Game

Avengers Game title reassemble

During the initial stages, the Avengers game was being called as Avengers Reassemble. But, it was more of a placeholder title, rather than the actual name. Recent leaks have given a vague hint on the title and also a few more details on the Avengers game.

As per the reports, the new game will be called as Marvel’s Avengers and will be released at the E3 2019 Expo.

Release Date

Avengers Game release date

Square Enix is planning to release the Avengers game next month at their special event in E3 Expo. The event will start on June 10 at 6 pm PST, while it is not sure on which day the Avengers game will be revealed. It is highly possible that Square Enix saves the best for the last and shows Marvel’s Avengers game near the end of the event.

Gameplay and Features

Avengers Game gameplay

Well, the most talked about thing is that what kind of gameplay will be featured in the Avengers game. It will probably be a single player RPG game with open world exploration while the latest leaks suggest that it will have a four-player team-up option for the ultimate Avengers team fighting experience. There will be custom players, training mode, and world threats in the Avengers game. The final details will only be revealed in the E3 Expo, till then everything is just a speculation.