Nothing pleases Martha Stewart more than a warm cup of coffee on a crisp fall morning. In fact, the 81-year-old businesswoman and television personality may only require those two things. Contrarily, wearing clothing is not necessary.

Stewart posed in her kitchen holding a cup of coffee flavored with pumpkin spice for a new advertisement with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. According to her, the photo shoot wasn’t as scary as one might imagine.

“I think I look fine and I’m in good shape,” says Stewart. “I’m healthy, I’m vibrant, I’m energetic and I’m still the curious person I’ve always been. [Posing in only an apron] didn’t faze me one iota.”

“I walk around in a bathing suit,” she adds, “so if I can walk around in a bathing suit or a strapless dress and feel good, I can walk around in an apron.”

Stewart uploaded a video to Instagram showing her wearing an apron from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. “Oh, hi there. I’m just enjoying the natural flavor pumpkin spice from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters … and nothing else.”

However, Stewart enjoys using other social media sites in addition to Instagram. In a recent TikTok trend inspired by Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag,” the creator of Martha Stewart Living shared images of herself as a young woman with the caption, “My long awaited #TeenageDirtbag pictures.”

However, how does Stewart stay current with emerging social media trends? She claims it’s simple. with assistance from her pals.

“The average age of my friends is something like probably 40 years younger than I am,” she shares. “So if you’re hanging out with younger people who are very interested in what’s going on, you learn.”

“I think I’ve been the original influencer,” she continues. “I like being thought of as that. I think it’s a really important thing to be proud of.”

Stewart is also pleased with the Bedford by Martha Stewart, her first eatery, which debuted last month at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. She attributes the opening’s success to her team of workers and openly thanked them at a media luncheon Yahoo Life attended prior to the Bedford’s opening.

“They’re working just as hard as I am, if not harder,” says Stewart. “It’s terribly important to acknowledge them. They get screamed at, too — don’t worry — but it’s great to have good people who are like-minded and can do the job well.”

So how does the DIY magnate identify the ideal team of workers for a creative project? “Well first of all, if they stay,” she jokes. “And, if they come to work every day on time — I’m a stickler for that.”

Stewart claims that other people are also taking pleasure in the cooler weather close to her farmhouse in New York. “It’s autumn here on the farm, thank goodness,” she says. “It is absolutely a beautiful time of year here because, first of all, it’s cooler. I have a lot of livestock and it’s harvest time — the animals are happier when it’s cool and not so humid.”

And what about pumpkin spice lattes, in the opinion of this fall enthusiast? She favors a straightforward strategy. “I drink pumpkin spice-flavored coffee straight with a little bit of milk,” she says. “I eat pumpkin pie. I love roasted pumpkin. I pretty much like everything pumpkin.”