A lot of people agree that family is the most important thing in a person’s life. We have to accept these close people for who they are because we can’t choose family. Complex situations help to test ourselves and those around us. It shows who these people are and if they are willing to help. The situation her family had to go through and ask people online if she made the right choice was the reason why she decided to share it.


It makes you feel good to know that your family will always be there for you.


The woman said that she is a mother to two daughters. The wedding of Hayleigh and Sam was called off because they fell in love with each other. A lot of family drama was caused by this situation. The woman said that she talked about this with both Hayleigh and Sam. The mother told her daughter that Sam can do the same thing to her. Hayleigh convinced her mother that their relationship was real and that Sam didn’t want to marry her sister because Hayleigh and Sam knew that they belonged together.


The user decided to share her family situation after she found out that her daughter was in love with her sister’s fiancée.


The woman said that her daughter’s wedding was called off because her sister and her fiancé had feelings for each other.


The mother talked to her daughter and the fiancé to understand the situation.


The couple decided to get married after a year of being together. New issues were brought to the family by this. Since the incident, the woman’s husband has supported their older daughter and told her that he won’t be walking Hayleigh down the aisle. When she heard that her mom wanted to go to the wedding, she was upset and didn’t take the news well.



Their family was torn apart by her husband’s decision to support their older daughter.


The woman believes that her daughter needs to forgive and move on so they can be a family again.


The woman shared that she tried talking to her older daughter, asking her to forgive and move on, as this whole situation is ripping their family apart. It is getting harder for the mother to support both of her daughters because of the circumstances. She asked people online if she should go to her daughter’s wedding because it would hurt her other daughter’s feelings.


The situation became worse when the couple decided to get married.


The mother was blamed by the older daughter for justifying her sister’s behavior.


A lot of users online pointed out that the mother prioritized her younger daughter over her older one. Some of them thought that it was great that her husband had her back because she was wrong to siding with Hayleigh and Sam. What do you think about this situation? Leave your thoughts in the comments.



The daughter stated that she would never speak to her again after the woman told her she would attend her sister’s wedding.


The woman gave more information to those who were curious.


Users were quick to notice that the mother prioritized one of her daughters over the other.