Mariah Carey recently went out with her daughter Monroe and shared some photos from the night, in which they both had similar hairstyles.

Monroe, who is the daughter of Mariah Carey, will always be her mom’s little girl.

Carey, who is 52 years old and the mother of 11-year-old “Roe Roe Diva,” was seen out and about recently at night with her daughter. They were both wearing all-black outfits and had braids in their hair.

The mother and daughter both had braids in the front and curls in the back to show off their ringlets. On Twitter, the singer of “Big Energy” called the event a “Mom/Daughter Duo Hair Extravaganza” and added the hashtag “#Thehairtales.”

Mariah wore a black dress, while her daughter wore a sparkly skirt, black Converse shoes, and a leather jacket.

Carey and Monroe can be seen standing together in some of the other pictures taken that night, either inside or outside a building.

The comments section of the photo on Instagram had people pointing out how much the two of them look alike. In the caption of one of their photos, the singer Anastacia called the two of them “Mini Mimi.”

In a recent interview with People magazine, Carey talked about her butterfly-themed jewelry collection with Chopard that just came out. Butterfly is Mariah’s “most personal album,” and this year marks its 25th anniversary, which couldn’t have come at a better time.

“I don’t acknowledge time, so it’s 25 seconds, 25 minutes, whatever we want to call it,” Mariah told PEOPLE. “Seriously, after going through what I had to go through to even create the Butterfly album and to break free from that shell … it’s part of my 25 years and that’s kind of unbelievable. It represents so much to me as just a human being, and particularly as a woman.”

Nick Cannon is the biological father of both Monroe and her twin brother is Moroccan. He used to be Carey’s husband.

Cannon is 42 years old and already has 10 kids. He is about to have his third child with Abby De La Rosa, who used to be a radio personality. The couple now has 16-month-old twin sons named Zion and Zillion.

He is also the father of three-month-old Legendary Love with model Bre Tiesi, and he just became a father with former Price Is Right model LaNisha Cole, who had Onyx Ice Cole. Cannon has three children with model Brittany Bell: a newborn son named Rise Messiah; a 5-year-old son named Golden Sagon; and a 19-month-old daughter named Powerful Queen. They had a son together. His name was Zen, and he died of brain cancer when he was only 5 months old. This was in December 2021.