If you work at a company that isn’t trying to overwork you, you probably have enough time at work to get your work done while still having time to live life.

Many people don’t have jobs that allow them to have a good work-life balance. They have to work long hours with no flexibility. They miss out on special activities, have to decide between family and work, and often have to work in order not to lose their job. Most people can’t just walk away from their job because money puts food on the table.

The ability to work from home has been positive for many people despite the negative effects of the Pandemic. Many companies that had never allowed their employees to work from home suddenly did.

It can be difficult to work from home on short notice. Some employees don’t have high-speed internet or a quiet home office. Many had to make do with dining room tables while their kids were in school.

It is not ideal, but it is. Many employees returned to their homes after the Pandemic. They were able to see a glimpse into the lives of their co-workers for the first time. They were working with people having challenges and lives.

More companies should allow their employees to prioritize their real lives outside of the office as long as they are still getting their work done, according to the VP of Communications at Altria.
She doesn’t care about being a manager because she doesn’t care about what she does. As an example, she wrote, “I DO care that your daughter is home with yet another ear infection. I DO NOT care that you’ll be offline for 2 hours this afternoon for her doctor’s appointment.”

She summarized her post by ending it, “I DO care that you deliver quality work and perform at your best. I DO NOT care when, where or how you get your work done.”


Here’s her full post below.


Many people praised her for being such a wonderful boss. However, others pointed out that this type of flexibility doesn’t work in every industry. Doctors, teachers, and grocery store employees have to show up for work.

What do you think of the post? Does your job give you flexibility? Do you think it would be possible for your industry to be more flexible or more compassionate when there are certain situations?