A worker got a text message from their boss asking them to come in to cover a shift for a coworker. When the worker said they couldn’t come in because they were studying for an exam, the boss said they were “expected to be available for tonight’s shift.” When things got worse, the boss said he was “disappointed,” and the worker decided it was time to leave.

The worker said it exactly right; what a very demanding person. But we’re seeing so many posts like this that you have to wonder… how often does this happen?

After what happened last week, Reddit user u/Hoodtho posted this to the r/antiwork subreddit. It was posted with the title “Happened on Tuesday, but [middle finger emoji] this idiot” and has received 21k upvotes, making it the most popular post in the subreddit.

Workers have been helpful and said what they think about the subject. “Work likes to think it’s your parent,” said u/ItzYaBoiQuez, which seemed to be something many commenters could relate to. Since then, 3,300 people have liked the comment.


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