A single Frenchman made a lot of people laugh when he told them about his “disaster” date, where he left because the woman had special dietary needs.

Renan Pacheco is from France but lives in Los Angeles. On his first date with an American woman named Kimberley, he was disappointed when she told him she doesn’t eat gluten or drink alcohol.

In a TikTok video that went viral, the actor said that Kimberley’s dislike of wine and wheat made him so “confused” that he left the restaurant without even saying goodbye.

In the video that went viral, Renan said that his first date with an American woman was an “absolute disaster.”

‘I arrive at the restaurant, first of all her name’s Kimberley, it’s not my favourite name but it’s fine, she’s pretty, so we sit down and we take the menu and she looks me in the eyes and she tells me she doesn’t eat gluten,’ he recalled.

‘You don’t eat gluten, but how can you not eat gluten? Gluten is my life, Kimberley, gluten is croissant, gluten is baguette, how can you not eat gluten? So I’m starting to be confused, I’m not going to lie.’

Renan said that he then ordered a glass of wine to help him feel less “confused” and “chill out a bit.” He was surprised when Kimberley told him that she doesn’t drink alcohol.

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‘How can you not drink alcohol in your life, Kimberley? Alcohol is joy… so I’m sorry, I’m sorry if I left, I left the restaurant without saying goodbye,’ he said.

‘I couldn’t stay there, I’m sorry but I can’t have a love relationship with someone who doesn’t eat gluten and doesn’t drink wine. I’m sorry, Kimberley.’

Renan’s video about a bad date got over 15.7 million views and tens of thousands of funny comments.

I literally knew you would say disaster before you said it,’ one viewer said.

‘I can understand gluten but alcohol… no, no, no… red flag,’ another agreed.

‘I can’t have gluten, I’ll just have double of the wine,’ laughed a third.

‘You did the right thing, brother,’ wrote a fourth.