A loving act that a father did for his daughter that was shared online has caused controversy among users of social media.

Now, it is commonly said that a man would do anything for his daughter, and it appears as though that is the case for this doting father, whose selfless kindness was captured on camera by a fellow passenger while they were traveling on an airplane.

Reddit user “therra123” wrote the following caption alongside a photo they posted of the event: “This man kept his hand in this position for 45 minutes so his daughter could sleep well”.

The post, which was shared in the “MadeMeSmile” subreddit, depicts the father leaning forward in his airplane seat and cradling his daughter’s head to make it more comfortable for her to sleep during the flight.

In only a little over a day, the post has received more than 37,000 “upvotes” and more than 800 comments from other users of Reddit complimenting the father on his parenting skills.

One person commented: “That’s parenting done right”.

A second added: “Part of the job. It doesn’t change just because they aren’t babies anymore.”

“She may not realize it now, but she’ll always remember the comfort of her fathers hand in that moment,” a third commented.

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However, there were some people who did not think that the moment was as enjoyable as others, and many people who used social media agreed that there had to be a more favorable option available.

“I feel like… I feel like there’s a better way,” one Redditor commented.

“It’s cute until you give it a moment’s thought to realize there were 100 better solutions,” another agreed.

Others offered their own straightforward recommendations, which included: “Seriously. Roll up a hoodie/jacket and bam! Insta-pillow. Or here’s a crazy thought: ask a flight attendant for a blanket and pillow.”

A number of users on Reddit were of the opinion that the daughter was probably missing out on some significant and valuable life lessons.

“Not to be a d**k… but I don’t think the ‘comfort’ is worth the lesson that’s being taught here,” one person commented.

Another individual, who shared the same opinion, went even further and stated: “I think, maybe an unpopular opinion but this is not good parenting. Should let the girl figure out on her own how to make herself comfortable and excuse her dad’s hand back to him.”

Others voiced their concerns about the predicament from the daughter’s perspective, with one person writing: “I can’t imagine being able to sleep knowing my dad had to suffer unnecessarily like this.”

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Another agreed, asking: “How on Earth could anyone relax knowing someone’s doing this for them??”


In light of the fact that opinions regarding the photo on the internet appear to be rather mixed (although I continue to be firmly on Team Sweet Moment), what are your thoughts? Leave a comment below and let us know.