“Am I wrong here?” is a question we have. A guy refused to be filmed in his own backyard.

The plot twist, talking to the filmer didn’t work, so the filmee used sexy poses and got internet karma for showing how to properly deal with elderly neighbors.


Sometimes we can’t have nice things because the neighbor decides to film us for no reason.

Redditor u/sexywaterhose and his sister have recently taken over his dad’s house. At this point, the house is in desperate need of some upkeep, so OP spends his mornings and evenings getting some work done, which includes watering the grass outside.

The situation is fine and dandy, but there is one thing that needs to be fixed. The elderly woman next door, despite being introduced and trying to be friendly, is being a tad bit awkward. How awkward?


The guy retaliated after he shared his story of how his neighbor would film him doing yard work.

The elderly woman would start filming whenever OP came out to fulfill his obligations. Every single day, this happened. Why? To make sure he was okay. Which is fair, except not really, why would you film anyone doing gardening, let alone so awkwardly?

After going through the same thing over and over again, OP decided enough was enough and he had to fight fire with fire.


The neighbor made it a habit to just go up to him and film everything, so he decided to do some targeted posing.

One morning, he is out watering the grass, and his neighbor steps outside to film him. OP, without hesitation, put his hand on his hip and stared at her, all sexy-like.

The woman was completely bewildered by what was happening. The show is not over yet, and OP starts pouring water onto himself with the running water hose, seductively touching his neck in the process and looking straight at her.


It was sexy posing, with all the hands-on-hips, and butt extended, and it was wonderful.

“Was it stupid? Yes,” explained OP, but you know what? IT WORKED. The neighbor called him a perv and put her phone away.

The old lady was defended by his sister, who said that she probably has nothing better to do and that she was a bit out of line for sexually harassing her. The boy went to the Am I The A-Hole community on the internet to figure out what he thought.


People online loved it and pointed out that he was fighting awkwardly with sexy.

The story was liked by people online, as it was a bit different than the average AITA story.

People were more interested in seeing the videos the elderly neighbor took than they were in the bad guy. This smells like a lawsuit waiting to happen, so people suggested finding out how recording laws work.

The whole sexy vibe in the background gave her a taste of her own medicine. Others wondered if OP is of a different race or if she is just an overly protective elderly woman.

As of this article, the post got over 25,000 upvotes and 64 awards, which is a good sign. Don’t go just yet because we want to hear your thoughts on this, and what sexy poses you would strike in the comment section below, but go check it out, check out what everyone else said, and then leave a comment.