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Madden NFL 20: New career mode will start from the school level

EA Sports has released new details related to the upcoming Madden NFL 20. The details are promising and hints towards a better story mode.

The developers shared the information related to the gameplay features of the game one of which is called “Face of the Franchise”. This will offer one more mode in the upcoming 2019 installment of the game.

Madden NFL 20: Face of the Franchise

In games, career modes provide the simulation where your character has already made it to the leagues and plays with other big names.

However, Madden 20 is approaching this situation with a very different angle.

Madden 20

According to the details revealed by the developers in Face of the Franchise, players have to start their career from the school level.

Players have to guide there character from school level to the pro leagues.

EA is offering advantages to the gamers who will pre-order any bundle of the Madden NFL 20. The players can choose to upgrade their character with one Unique Superstar Ability in the game.

Madden NFL 20 Special Editions

According to the rumors the game will have at least 2 variants. One will be the basic version and another will be a special edition which will ship with special content.


The Madden 20 is expected to be priced at $59.99. The game retailer Gamestop has claimed this price mark.

Madden 20 Price

Reports suggest that gamers might have to shell out $79.99 for the special edition fo the game. The special edition will also pack the Madden Ultimate Team bonuses.

Notably, Gamestop has already listed the Madden 20 on its website and the basic edition is up for grabs.

Release Date

Madden 20 Release Date

The last Madden 19 was released on August 10, and a little bit earlier for the subscribers of EA gaming service.

The rumors insinuate that the Madden 20 will we released on August 9.

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