Madden NFL 20 Superstar X-Factor release date

Madden NFL 20 is already making rounds in the gaming world with its latest new features and career mode. We got a lot of new information about the upcoming NFL game at the E3 expo 2019. The makers have introduced a whole new special abilities feature called X-factor.

There is also a new career mode in the Madden NFL 20. It looks like the game is going to be the breakout title of this year. Here is everything you need to know about the new features of Madden NFL 20 revealed at the E3 2019.

Superstar X-factor Special abilities

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Superstar X-factor is a new feature of Madden NFL 20 which lets you unlock special abilities for a player. If you are playing as one of the top star players and complete your given objectives, the player gets a special power boost. The stars of NFL turn into superstars of Madden NFL 20.

When you complete four passes of 30+ yards, your star player will unlock the ‘Bazooka’ ability. It will increase the maximum passing distance of the said player by 15 yards. Other X-factor abilities in Madden NFL 20 includes perfect accuracy, while even on the run. While this new feature can make the NFL 20 game a bit biased, but it will also boost the best players in the league.

Career mode and Release date

Madden NFL 20 has brought back the popular career mode in a new form called ‘Face of the Franchise.’ It lets you create your own college quarterback player and let him progress through different levels until he becomes a professional player. Every player can now his own unique story and career in the new Madden NFL 20. As per the reports, more plays based on the real NFL series will be added to the games. EA will release Madden NFL out on PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft PCs on August 2, 2019.