Madden 20 release got confirmed months ago and while there isn’t much information to go by the official channels, there are plenty of leaks that give us a good sneak peek of the upcoming features that we can expect.

EA sports is going to launch the next iteration of it’s popular Madden game series. Every yearly update adds great content and fixes to the game.

Last year’s  Madden 19 packed great content which brought the real-life player motion to the game with additional features and improvement.

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Madden 20 Features

Leaks related to Madden 20 included a product description of the game which elaborates about the story mode. The product description also explains about the coach mode upgrade.

Madden 20

Other expected features will be :

  • Ability to play the Pro Bowl in campaign mode.
  • Gamers can edit the looks of the custom player.
  • Better in-game dialogs will be available.
  • Ability to Pump fake to a particular player.
  •  20 variations of celebrations for touchdowns and first downs.

Additional Content

According to a leak by Sports Gamers Online, EA will be making three significant changes to Madden 20 Ultimate Team.

They will be adding a feature to provide a player with a special ability which is being called as superstar ability.

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At least 2 versions of Madden 20 have been confirmed. One of them would be the standard base game while the other one would be a premium version which will feature special content.

Madden 20

The special edition generally includes three days of early access to the game. This will help players to start early and help in putting together their ultimate squad for franchise mode.


The price of Madden 20 will be $59.99 according to the retailer GameStop.

GameStop is the only retailer to list Madden 20 on its website. The basic version of the game is also on sale.

Players must expect to pay around $79.99 for the special edition of the game. The special edition will pack few extra items and Madden Ultimate Team bonuses.

Release Date

The last edition of Madden NFL was released on 10 August and earlier for the subscribers of EA gaming platform.

This version is also expected to launch on 9th August.

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