It has already been two weeks since New Year and news of upcoming launches has spread all round. The Xbox One S and Xbox One X are getting launch in 2019. The features and details are here.

The Xbox One stepped in the market five years ago. But thanks to multiple software updates that it still is fully upto date.

Price of 2019 Xbox One

The price that the two 2019 devices carry are a bargain to the entertainment and the features they provide.

The Xbox One S is fixed with $299 and the Xbox One X for $499. There have been deals that cut the price to as low s $199 with some accessories. For the price discount of $249 you will also receive a game free with it.

The 2019 Xbox One comes with multiple entertainment apps making whole package.
The 2019 Xbox One list of applications. Credits: Windows Central

Both offer the best compatibility and come with HDR support for best quality screening. They are also equipped to run the older version of games that were made for Xbox 360.

Then there comes compatibility with other entertainment platforms. The 2019 Xbox One can run Netflix, Hulu etc which not makes it good for gaming but also for other entertainment.

Limited Exclusives for Xbox One

If games such as Crackdown, Sea of Thieves, Forza 7 , State of Decay 2 and Forza Horizon 4 makes you excited. Then buy Xbox as these will not be launched for Play Station.

The Halo 6 is also coming soon for Xbox. And if you are ready to shift towards the first person shooter then you need to upgrade to Xbox One asap. Latest sports related games such Madden 19 and FIFA 19 are also available for it.

The Xbox One will be having multiple exclusive games.
The Xbox One now comes with free PUBG and is going to get Pro Evolution Soccer Pro free soon. Credits: Verge

Games such as PUBG, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Red Redemption 2 are also available for this platform.

Backward Compatibility and Multiple Sharing

There one rare feature that Xbox One carries. This feature lets you play games that were compatible with your older device on the new with better graphics and streaming.

This makes you play your older games as well and let you own a tonne of game collection. It is compatible with with every game that has been made available for older devices.

Crack Down will only be launched on Xbox One 2019 series.
Exclusive game for the 2019 Xbox One series. Credits: Remo News

Now it also provides you to play the same game on your Windows 10 PC. One you buy the game digitally, you can also resume your play on the PC by logging in your account. This means play form anywhere you like.

The Xbox One also comes multiple screening feature. This feature enables you to stream your game on Windows as well as Mac.

Xbox One Backdrops

The device does not offer any cross platform playing. This means that if you have friends that play on Play Station then you should buy the latter.

There is also the issue that PS4 exclusives might be more tempting. Depends upon the consumer but review them both. Then there comes the competition that is PC gaming.

PC gaming is considered better as well as it cover more of the market than exclusive gaming systems. Before buying the Xbox One series or PS4 explore the PC gaming and how much upgrading is possible do as to evaluate the best buy.

Source: Gotta Be Mobile and The Express

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