MacBook Pro users have been complaining about their keyboard issues for a long time and it got so huge that a case was filed against Apple company. The judge handling the case has rejected Apple’s bid to dismiss it and now a lawsuit will be filed on the tech giant. The issue is related to newer models of MacBook Pro and their faulty butterfly keyboards.

In the last half-decade, Apple introduced the newer version of keyboards known as the butterfly keyboard which takes less space and makes the laptop lighter. However, the Mac users have found that these keyboards have huge problems and the issue needs to be sorted out. There are high chances that the court orders Apple to give money and compensate the MacBook Pro users for all the trouble they faced in the time period.

Lawsuit Against Apple’s Butterfly Keyboard Moves Forward

Lawsuit Against Apple's Butterfly Keyboard Moves Forward

Apple MacBook Pro users have complained about keyboard having input problems, sticky keys, failed keystrokes, unresponsive keys, dust and debris pieces settling inside the keyboard. To solve the problem, Apple started MacBook service repair programs for the issue and started to replace the butterfly keyboards in every faulty MacBook Pro device.

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However, the problem remained the same as even the replacement keyboard are faulty. The lawsuit claims that Apple has distributed faulty MacBook Pro laptops and even the replacement components don’t work properly.

MacBook Pro Users will be Compensated

MacBook Pro Users will be Compensated

Apple will have to face the lawsuit and dates for the hearings will be out very soon. The tech giant has since then made the Apple butterfly keyboard service repair program free of any costs and the service is done within 24 hours. The lawsuit will cover devices such as MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air laptops and most of the defective pieces were released after 2016.

Consumers have suffered a lot due to the issue and the court will most likely order Apple to compensate the affected users with money and provide them a new and properly working device.

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